Tapir (Brazilian)

Tapir (Brazilian)

Taipir Bhrasaíleach

  • Scientific name: Tapirus terrestris
  • IUCN status: Vulnerable
  • Habitat: Rainforest near rivers.
  • Diet: Herbivore – leaves, buds, shoots, fruit and grasses.

Related to rhinos and horses, tapirs are always found near water and usually run into rivers to escape predators such as the jaguar. They are excellent swimmers and spend much time submerged to cool off and remove skin parasites. Their long, flexible snouts are used like a snorkel as well as for foraging and sniffing out danger.  Youngsters are spotted and striped for camouflage on the forest floor.

Keeper’s Secret

Dublin Zoo has bred
Brazilian tapir almost every
year over the last
20 years.
Dublin Zoo has bredBrazilian tapir almost everyyear over the last20 years.

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