Sloth (Two-toed)

Sloth (Two-toed)

Spadán déladhrach

  • Scientific name: Choloepus didactylus
  • IUCN status: Listed
  • Habitat: Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Brazil, Equador and Peru – tropical moist lowland and montane forest
  • Diet: Herbivore – leaves, shoots and fruit

The slowest mammals in the world, sloths spend most of their life hanging from branches, eating, sleeping, mating and even giving birth upside down. They sleep for around 15 hours a day and even when awake remain motionless for hours to conserve energy and prevent attention from predators. They have difficulty moving on land but are surprisingly good swimmers and will sometimes drop from the treetops into water.

Keeper’s Secret

Sloths have excellent eyesight and, unlike most mammals, can turn their heads nearly 280 degrees.

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