Peafowl (Indian)

Peafowl (Indian)

Péacóg Indiach

  • Scientific name: Pavo cristatus
  • IUCN status: Listed
  • Habitat: India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan – dry, semi-desert grass- lands, scrubland and deciduous forests
  • Diet: Omnivore–plantseeds,worms, fruit, insects, small snakes, berries, grain

Our family of peafowl are free-range so you could come across them almost anywhere in the zoo. You will certainly be able to hear their loud screech- like call! If you’re lucky, you’ll witness the peacock – the male – fanning out and displaying his amazing train (the peahens are not always impressed by this courtship!). Peafowls make excellent ‘guard dogs’ because they have exceptional hearing and vision.

Keeper’s Secret

The national bird of India, peacocks are especially admired in that country because they eat cobras ... but only small ones!

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