Posted In Animals, Visitors | 29th February 2024

Sibu, Bornean orangutan, dies at Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is deeply saddened to announce that Sibu, our beloved male orangutan, has died. He was 45 years old.

Everyone in Dublin Zoo is devastated by the loss of Sibu, who has been an iconic figure at the Zoo since he first arrived 40 years ago this year. He was gentle, caring and highly intelligent, forming strong bonds with the keepers who cared for him. His absence will be felt by the whole team, and undoubtedly by the millions of visitors who were fortunate enough to see him over the years.

Sibu had been showing symptoms consistent with an age-related cardiac and respiratory condition for the last number of weeks. His ongoing condition disimproved and necessitated an in-depth assessment for further medical management.

Our veterinarians together with a multidisciplinary team of specialists confirmed in this assessment that Sibu had progressive cardiac disease, however we are sad to report that Sibu passed away during this procedure. We are awaiting the results of a post-mortem report.