Name the Dublin Zoo Amur Tiger Cubs!

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Dublin Zoo Amur Tiger Cubs

Dublin Zoo is inviting you to name the newest members of the Amur tiger family, two female cubs!

The cubs were born on October 14th to first-time parents Tundra and Ussuri after a gestation period of 15 weeks. The cubs weighed approximately 1.5kg each when they were born on and have grown rapidly to over 15kg each!

This is an exciting birth for Dublin Zoo as Amur tigers are classified as an endangered species, with approximately 500 individuals believed to be living in the wild. Dublin Zoo hopes that the two young females will later become part of an international breeding programme for the species and contribute to the low population numbers.

As the Amur tiger originates from Russia, we would like to give the cubs names with Russian origins - so please do your research!

Full details of the competition and terms and conditions can be found HERE

Dublin Zoo Amur Tiger Cubs

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