Posted In SSE | 16th May 2023

Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Especially during Winter, birds have a tougher time getting the nourishment they need. There’s less natural food, such as berries, and because the ground is harder, it’s more difficult to dig for worms and insects. You can help by feeding them a high-quality seed mix. All you need is a bird feeder!

Creating your own bird feeder is really simple. You’ll just need to raid your recycling bin and reuse a clean, dry bottle or carton as the starting point. Your children can then watch ad see how many different species come and visit your garden for a feed! Here’s how to craft your own eco-friendly bird feeder in less than an hour.

You will need the following items:

• A used water bottle/jar
• Some twine
• Bird seed
• Twigs/wooden spoon or pencil
• Glue
• Knife and scissors (Adults only!)


• Affix the twine around the bottle neck or around the top of the jar. Use some glue to make this extra secure! (You will use this twine to hang the feeder in the garden later.)
• Cut a hole in each side of the bottle and place the pencil/wooden spoon or twigs through. The birds will be able to perch here and feed.
• Fill the bottle or jar with seed.
• Finally, you’re ready to choose a spot to hang the bird feeder – ideally one the kids can see from the window!