Birth of Red Panda Cubs

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Birth of Red Panda Cubs

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dublin Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of two red panda cubs. 

The twins were born in June, however before this week they had only ventured out of their den at night. Both cubs are female and are the second litter born to parents Angelina and Chota, who gave birth to another set of twins this time last year. 

Team Leader Eddie O’Brien said, “Red pandas are endangered in the wild so we are over the moon that this is the second litter born at Dublin Zoo within a year. They are both doing very well and getting more adventurous and confident as they can be seen exploring their habitat during the day now.”


Dublin Zoo Facebook fans were asked to send in name suggestions for the two cubs, and keepers were delighted with the amount of great name suggestions submitted. After much delibteration the names chosen are:

Tara which is the name of a goddess in Tibetan Buddhism who represents compassion and is known as the ‘mother of liberation’ and Nima meaning ‘sun’ in Tibetan.

Red Panda Facts:

-        Red pandas have thick, dense fur and a long, bushy tail to keep them warm

-        The fur on the soles of their feet also prevents them from slipping on wet branches

-        Mainly active at sunrise and sunset, they spend the rest of their time asleep in the trees

-        Red pandas are endangered in the wild



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