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Oviraptor (OH-vi-rap-tor)

Age: 75 million years old

Size: 2 metres long

Height: about 0.8 metres at shoulder

Weight: about 30 kilograms

Diet: may have eaten shellfish and crabs rather than eggs

Covering: probably feathered

Oviraptor means ‘egg thief’. It was given this name unfairly, because the first fossils were discovered lying on a pile of eggs. So scientists assumed it was raiding the nest. But other fossils were found later with adults clearly sitting on nests. Scientists now agree that Oviraptor was caring for its own eggs. Oviraptor had a toothless, parrot-like beak. It may have fed on other dinosaurs’ eggs, but its diet could have included shellfish, small reptiles and even vegetation.


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