Poetry competition - Dublin Zoo is Ireland's most popular visitor attraction, and welcomed almost one million visitors last year.

Poetry competition

Take a look at the poems from our five fantastic runners up, all titled 'Our friends the orangutans'

Sarah Dorgan, age 9, Louth

I love my trips to Dublin Zoo
With Mam and Eoin and Rachel too.
We bring a picnic and have lots of fun,
Watcing the animals out in the sun.

Eoin likes the bears and the chimpanzee,
The elephants are a hit with Rachel and me,
Mam likes the giraffes, graceful and tall,
But we love orangutans most of all.

Big and cuddly, like my teddy bear,
With a cheeky grin and long brown hair.
They swing from the trees and are hard to find,
Orangutans are loving, gentle and kind

Wise and smart, orangutans are rare,
An endangered species - it's just not fair.
Rainforests cut down to make palm oil,
This cruelty to animlas makes my blood boil

Dublin Zoo has creates a fabulous new home,
A forest habitat where orangutans can roam.
They'll be happy and content, safe and free,
Who'll open the forest - please let it be ME!!!

Holly Turner Doyle, Age 12, Dublin

Our furry friends the orangutans
Are very much like us,
Sometimes I even imagine them
Getting on th Dublin Bus.

They would love to try our Pringles
There at Dublin Zoo,
Becasue when I was having a picnic,
They had their eyes upon the tube!

They have ten chubby fingers
And funny chubby toes.
Of course a mouth for eating with,
Just below their nose.

Just like us they eat up,
With their fingers on their hands,
Just maybe not as politely,
But they wouldn't understand.

Becasue of all the laughs they've given us
It's now our turn to give,
So Dublin Zoo fire away!
And open their new place to live.

Muirne Leyden, Carlow

Live up in the trees, they like to be alone,
Except with their babies.
They are quite intelligent, they love buds and fruits.

Becasue they're vegetarian.
They love bamboo shoots.
They live in the rainforests
of Sumatra and Borneo
They rarely leave their trees to go below

This 'Person of the Forest' 
Doesn't like to get wet
It's the greatest ape,
That I've ever met.
And this is my orangutans poem.


Rachel Lennon, age 7, Tuam

Using their arms they swing
Through the trees,
Searching for insects,
And juicy green leaves.

They're big and they're cute and they like to eat fruit
And when the night comes they head for their nest,
After a long hard day, they deserve a rest!

I like orangutans and I hope you do too,
that's all I have, I think that'll do!

Amelia Cahill, age 10, Meath

Up in the lush leaves,
I can see,
Two cheeky amber eyes,
Staring at me.

Orange hairy arms,
Strung to high branches,
Clinging on so tight
They're not taking chances.

Cradling her baby,
Ever so tight,
Up in their tree nest,
Safe all night.

You came a long way from Borneo
But now Dublin is your home,
In your new orangutan forest,
You are safe to raom.

Oh forest people, 
We welcome you
To your new home
Here at the Zoo.

Our Orangutan friends,
We welcome you
To your new forest home
Here at the Zoo.

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