Posted In Visitors | 10th July 2023

Visitor Notice

Sulawesi Crested Macques

The Sulawesi crested macaque troop has been moved temporarily to facilitate improvements to their habitat. This temporary location isn’t visible on the Dublin Zoo trail, but we look forward to re-introducing the macaques to visitors, as well as to their updated habitat.


The flamingos are off show at present due to one confirmed case of avian influenza within the flamingo flock. All birds in the care of Dublin Zoo have been vaccinated against bird flu and received subsequent boosters. However, infection can occasionally still occur as this isolated case shows.

Dublin Zoo takes the health of all its animals very seriously and is working closely with the relevant authorities as well as closing off the aviary to minimise the potential spread of the influenza. Public access to the flamingo habitat, which is an enclosed space protected by a mesh roofing to prevent contact with other wildlife, is currently closed.