Asian Elephant Adoption Box

Asian Elephant Adoption Box

Asian Elephant adoption box

€ 40.00

By making a 'beastly' boxed adoption of an Asian Elephant at Dublin Zoo you will be contributing to their care, helping to provide medicines, food, 'enrichment' toys, and a spacious home resembling as near as possible the habitat enjoyed by their wild 'cousins'.   

Your 'beastly' adoption box features:  

  • an adoption certificate 
  • print of your adopted animal
  • adopted soft toy
  • €100 Sunway voucher
  • 1 free Adult or Child pass
  • badge  
  • adoption welcome card with information on your adopted species at Dublin Zoo and in the wild.

The ideal gift for any occasion and give your lucky recipient a wonderful day out! Buy online or in-store today for a gift that will truly delight!

Note: Children and visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times and teenagers may be required to show ID.

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