Zoorassic World - Dublin Zoo is Ireland's most popular visitor attraction, and welcomed almost one million visitors last year.

Stan, the T-rex

Meet Stan, the T-rex who travelled over 6,000km to take pride of place in Dublin Zoo’s ‘Zoorassic World,’ opening July 7th!

Stan is one of the most complete fossils of Tyrannosaurus rex yet found. He is named after the young fossil hunter who found him, Stanley Sacrison. Stan lived and died in what is now South Dakota, USA. At that time (65 million years ago) it was a lush, green habitat.

Quite a fighter

Palaeontologists have studied Stan’s bones very carefully. He has been in the wars to put it mildly! He has several broken and healed ribs, with one scar the size and shape of a T. rex tooth. Another bite punctured his skull and he also suffered a broken neck. He survived all this.


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