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Velociraptor (Veh-LOSS-i-rap-tor)

Age: 75–71 million years old

Height: 0.5 metres at the hip

Length: 2.07 metres, including its long tail

Weight: up to 15 kilograms

Diet: meat eater, may have hunted in packs

Velociraptor means ‘speedy robber’. It was a fast running predator armed with dangerous sickle-like claws on its hind feet. It shares a common ancestor with birds and almost certainly had feathers. We do not have a fossil showing these, so the artist has had to imagine its plumage.

Velociraptors featured in the famous film, Jurassic Park. But to make them scarier, the filmmakers decided to make them as big as their fearsome larger relative, Deinonychus (Die-NON-e-cus) (‘terrible claw’).


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