2011 Research

This year a Master’s student from Trinity College Dublin will be investigating the level of conservation awareness and concern among our visitors. This visitor survey will be taking place over the summer months.

Dublin Zoo has also provided information for several multi-zoo research projects in 2011. One of these projects is comparing the behavioural repertoire of gorillas who were hand-reared and those who were parent-reared. Another study is comparing the hoofcare management strategies in place for giraffes in different zoos.

The final report on investigating ways to improve energy efficiency in Dublin Zoo was received. The findings of this report are currently being considered by the zoo management team.

Dublin Zoo prefers to focus on research which has a direct benefit to the animals here at Dublin Zoo or to the species in general (e.g. improves husbandry, has a conservation value). Research is conducted in various guises, from zoo keeper-led studies, Dublin Zoo volunteer studies, third level student projects, to multi-zoo studies.

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